Saddle Up for Second Chances: A Month of Horse Adoptions


Spring is a time of renewal and second chances. In the quiet moments between hoofbeats lies a profound connection—the bond between a horse and his human. This relationship can offer a unique sense of trust, resilience and unwavering support. As we celebrate Adopt a Horse Month this May we invite you to step into a world where second chances are granted, and new relationships bloom as adoptable horses find their loving homes.

Our team at Zoetis Equine is thrilled to spotlight industry partner ASPCA Right Horse™, an organization dedicated to the mantra of “Good people for good horses.” The Right Horse program weaves stories of hope, healing and harmony, ensuring horses find their rightful homes. Adoption success stories fuel their team’s purpose—especially when the equine adoption curious person meets the right horse. One of the benefits of equine adoption includes the unparalleled matchmaking and support a rescue organization can offer.

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Cailin Caldwell, director of the Right Horse program, highlights one such story: “We were working with a family who reached out to us with a little girl who loved horses, but they didn’t yet have a touchpoint in the equine industry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a friend invited them to spend time at their farm while the child was navigating bouts of anxiety and depression. The girl’s support network quickly recognized that animals (and particularly horses) could offer a truly meaningful connection.”

Initially hesitant, they were encouraged to consider a pony through an adoption partner facility. On paper it might have appeared like an unlikely match due to the pony’s health issues and age. But this girl and her pony formed an unbreakable bond as she diligently cared for her companion’s needs, rain or shine—the two of them have become inseparable, just the right match.


A girl and her pony, an equine adoption success story

Additionally, here are a few questions an adoption partner may ask if you’re looking for your first (or next!) horse:

  • What goals do you have in adopting a horse (trail riding, pasture mate, etc.)?
  • What’s your experience level with horses?
  • Do you have a team of experts to help with the care of a horse?
    • Veterinarians or trainer
    • Farrier
    • Barn/stable support
  • Where will you keep the horse?
  • What medical care will your horse need? See this spring wellness checklist for examples
  • What are you most looking forward to?

To find the right horse for you, volunteering may also be a great way to familiarize yourself with different horses and learn about their care while building connections in the equine community. If volunteering isn’t an option, we encourage you to spend some time with the horse you’re considering for adoption.

When you adopt a horse, you become part of a system that provides a lifelong safety net, ensuring that every adopter has a go-to resource after taking the plunge. An adoption partner’s commitment doesn’t end at the gate; it extends through life’s twists and turns.

Best friends, rain or shine

What makes equine adoption possible? Partnerships

Partnerships in the equine adoption world are moving the needle for horses. Caldwell shares, “I love how our organization is able to bring so many of these equine industry leaders and shelter and adoption organizations together to figure out not only how to help horses in immediate need, but how to change the system so that every horse behind them will have an easier time transitioning safely.

Another bonus to adopting, is that it’s sustainable option if you’re looking to own a horse.

“It’s also personally satisfying to know that each adoption success story creates space at the shelter for another horse in need. By welcoming one, you rescue two—the one in your barn and the one waiting for the right owner,” Caldwell concludes.

Ready to find your forever horse or add another horse to your herd? Check out this list of horses currently up for adoption through ASPCA Right Horse!

The team at Zoetis Equine comprises veterinary professionals and horse health enthusiasts who are grateful for partners like the ASPCA, an organization committed to making the world better for horses and so many animals. As a division of the world’s leading animal health company, we wholeheartedly believe that your horse is everything. When it comes to his care, our goal is to be by the side of horse owners (seasoned and new alike) to help provide the best possible solutions. We’re thrilled to serve as a source of information, inspiration and guidance every step of the way.

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